When i went to the bed and sleep  . I dreamed a Wiky Wise Witch shouting on his cat . ” you cant caught a little mouse for me . You silly cat I want 12 mouses in 15 min. Get out ! first caught 12  mouses then enter this kitchen” . The innocent poor cat cant caught a single mouse just 5 min where left she struggled very hard then caught 12 mouse . ” that is good “said the witch .

Now the witch cut each mouse in half total where =24 . the witch said Yummy these are the Tasty earth warms and My favorite bees she mix every thing then she bring some hearts from Graveyard and mix it in the mixture of bees mouse and warms then she cut a dog in slices and squash it  then she add the ready mixture in it .

The witch said Yummy my dish is ready and then she and her cat drink it . and now the witch said his cat that our tomorrows dinner will be a Tasty human .

Then i listen a sound ” Get up Mishal its your School time.



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